We are Promo
Beds. Born in a basement somewhere in the free world, and evolved from the crazy minds at beds and beats and TM studios/Dial Global - a team of experts in radio, imaging and music.

We’re here to save the world from mediocre music, with 1000’s of beds online already, and 100's of new elements uploaded every Quarter.

We’re plugged into topical too, so we’ll be giving you various retro, topical and themed sound design fx too.


Whether you already have a music service, an updating imaging service, a music library subscription, make your own beats or fx for promos, whatever, we’re here to compliment those services, not replace them, as lets face it, you can never get enough.

An  FX only updating package, aimed at CHR Radio – just the good stuff, we are regularly updating our site so check back soon!

We're here to earjack your promos! Plus we take requests too...
Got some thing big coming up? Give us a shout...
DrumMix & InstruMix are unique to PromoBeds -
We also have 60's, 30's, and lite mixes of all our tracks

So you live and breath CHR imaging? That’s good, so do we, but we go one further, we live and breath CHR music, we make it, we bake it, we’ve got the beats, synths, riffs and kickin phat basses. - You want cuts that sound like today’s hits, not yesterday’s? Phat and punchy, not thin and wimpy? You want tracks that stand up against your playlist?.. We’ve nailed it. Don’t believe us? Our impressive client list speaks for itself From BBC Radio 1 in the UK, to Z100 in NYC, Channel 4FM Dubai, to Triple M Sydney..

Still not convinced...? Well... Listen/watch the demo, we know you’ve got taste, you’re here already – get us on your station before the competition pick us up and your just stuck with the other stuff.

PROMOBEDS - Online Audio Library - Dropping Beats Since 2013
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