What is PromoBeds?

A new concept in updating music services - It's a cross between a typical music library and an imaging service. We're the first, but watch out for many imitations in 2013!

Who is PromoBeds for?

Predominantly for radio imaging producers globally, but a library is a library at the end of the day, and we'd love to welcome stations and licences for commercials, trailers, DJ talk overs - and more!

Who is PromoBeds?

PromoBeds is the baby brother of beds and beats, which is one of the UK radio industries most heard music libraries. Created and produced by Dave Bethell the multi award winning (Sony Radio Awards, New York Festival radio Awards) producer, composer and voice artist. As PromoBeds develops and expands it genres and station formats, we're excited to be working with some of the worlds best music and radio imaging talents. Produced, mixed and mastered in London, England; just like a lot of CHR Hit records right now Olly Murs, Cher lloyd, Ed Sheeran, The Wanted, One Direction, Calvin Harris and many more.

Why PromoBeds?

That's up to you, but it could be for many reasons, unlike a typical music library PromoBeds is specifically aimed at radio, with more fx, beat breaks and contemporary production tricks to make a producers life that much easier.

Also unlike an imaging service we're not throwing sweeper shells, accapellas, artist drops and more, it's only music, this is designed to sit next to your typical imaging service - not replace it. To quote Dave Foxx Creative Services Director Clear Channel NY (our first user and our biggest fan) "There is a bigger share of the good stuff"

How can I get PromoBeds?

Either by contacting - or through our international reps //

How often is PromoBeds updated?

Weekly, Just check in at 9am Monday morning, and have a look at the latest beds added that week, plus on special occasions, news stories, things that you'll want to react to, we'll update when we can, so you can instantly have music for your promos.

Can I make requests?

As an early adopter of PromoBeds, you'll be not only making requests but shaping the future sound of the library. As the service takes on more and more clients we'll work closely with all our users and taking general requests for contests and themed/topical music imaging.

What bitrate are your audio files in?

All our audio files are downloaded at 320 Kbps. A sample rate of 44.1 kHz is almost always used, because this is also used for CD audio, the main source used for creating MP3 files. A greater variety of bit rates are used on the Internet. The rate of 128 kbit/s is commonly used, at a compression ratio of 11:1, offering adequate audio quality in a relatively small space. As Internet bandwidth availability and hard drive sizes have increased, higher bit rates up to 320 kbit/s are widespread.

Uncompressed audio as stored on an audio-CD has a bit rate of 1,411.2 kbit/s, so the bit rates 128, 160 and 192 kbit/s represent compression ratios of approximately 11:1, 9:1 and 7:1 respectively.

Non-standard bit rates up to 640 kbit/s can be achieved with the LAME encoder and the freeformat option, although few MP3 players can play those files. According to the ISO standard, decoders are only required to be able to decode streams up to 320 kbit/s.

PromoBeds – We’re not re-inventing the wheel, just sticking a big fat set of 22 inch rims on them!
DrumMix & InstruMix are unique to PromoBeds -
We also have 60's, 30's, and lite mixes of all our tracks
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